Vigil to End Violence


On August 5 several people felt called to go to the Wisconsin State Capitol to hold candles in memory of the victims killed and wounded at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. We met again on October 21 to memorialize those killed at a spa in Brookfield. At that vigil it was suggested that we meet every month to gather for an end to violence. This Sunday, December 16, we will gather to memorialize those killed in Newtown, Connecticut, and this will be the beginning of a monthly gathering.

The gathering is intended as a way to honor those lost to violence and to pray, put out positive energy, or whatever it is that you might believe in and do toward the idea of ending violence in the world. This is not intended to be a political gathering--it is intended to be a place where we can connect with our emotions and our spirituality around the idea of peace. It is not just about gun violence. It is about focusing our energies on ending violence in all its manifestations.

We will gather with candles or other light (if you bring candles the Capitol police will ask you to put them out if they are not in a cup or something that will prevent wax from dripping).

We will meet on the third Sunday of every month starting this month.

Please join us and focus your energy with others toward a more peaceful world.

Please note that Facebook creates the event with a Main Street address but we meet on the State Street side of the Capitol. We meet from 6:00 p.m. until we are ready to leave. It is generally about an hour or a little more. Come for all or part of it.